Granbury, A Weekend Getaway

Hood County Courthouse, Granary, TX
Hood County Courthouse, Granbury, TX

Like many small Texas county seats, Granbury’s downtown is centered around a historic courthouse square. The Hood County courthouse was built in 1891, and today is surrounded by shops, restaurants, and small businesses. Located southwest of Fort Worth, Granbury is a comfortable two-hour, 100-mile, drive from Collin County, perfect for an easy-to-reach weekend getaway.


Road Trip: The Grand Canyon, South Rim

Rainy day at Grand Canyon

Nothing can quite prepare you for that first moment as you walk up to the South Rim and look out and down into the depths of the Grand Canyon. I got a lump in my throat. Even in the rain and mist, it was overwhelming. Because of the clouds we couldn’t see the north rim across the canyon, but we could see down some two or three thousand feet to the canyon floor. The low clouds and mist gave it a haunting aura that you sometimes get when you come face to face with the awesomeness of nature.


Road Trip: Painted Desert/Petrified Forest

No road trip through New Mexico and northern Arizona is complete without a stop at the Petrified Forest/Painted Desert National Park. It’s right off Interstate 40 in northeast Arizona. The park has a 28-mile road from the north entrance to the south exit. TAKE THE WHOLE TRIP! You no sooner see one breath-taking sight, but then you drive down the road and around a bend and there’s another.
Painted Desert overlook

Big Thicket National Preserve

big thicketTrees! More trees!! Miles and miles of trees!!! Welcome to southeast Texas and the Big Thicket National Preserve and the southern range of the Piney Woods.

With a landscape unfamiliar to those of us from North Texas, the Big Thicket is a collection of 15 native forest parcels covering some 112-thousand acres north of Beaumont and south of Jasper. It contains Longleaf pines, Loblolly pines, beech trees, magnolias and countless others.

Kinsey the kayaker

Welcome to my blog everyone. I’m still not sure about the overall mission for this blog, but thought I would start off with an interesting story.

Kinsey kayaksLast weekend we were at Lake Ray Roberts with the kayak. With urging with cheese slices we coaxed our dog Kinsey onto the boat. She was a little nervous at first, and unsteady on the deck. After a short paddle I put her back on shore with my wife, and started to paddle away.  I had gone perhaps 50 yards when I heard Mary yell, “Here she comes” and looked back to see Kinsey in the water, dog paddling out to the kayak. She pulled up along side and with a little help, crawled back aboard.

BTW, she is not a real water dog. She’s a mixed blue heeler rescue that we’ve had for two years. Kinsey is now a kayak lover, just like me.